Turkey's strategic location right above a geothermal belt and a seismic fault makes this volcanic country rich with natural hot springs and mineral baths. These hot spring bath waters contain calcium, sodium, sulfur, fluoride, magnesium, and other mineral salts and has temperatures that vary from 20 up to 110 degrees Celsius (68 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit).

Turkey's thermal baths and spas are known to have healing properties and therapeutic effects. They have been proven to naturally cure illnesses and ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, skin problems, digestive disorders, circulatory and heart diseases, gynecological diseases, and liver and kidney diseases among many others.

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Turkey is one of the only seven countries in the entire world that have been gifted with vast and abundant natural sources of thermal baths and hot springs. Turkey alone has over one thousand thermal hot springs. Experience Turkey's natural blessings and gifts by visiting the 17 best thermal spas and hot springs resorts in Turkey as named by the country's Ministry of Tourism. The 17 thermal spas and hot spring baths are as follows:

1. Thermal Resort in Afyon
3. Thermal Pool in Ankara-Kizilcihamam
4. Massage Therapy in Gonen Thermal in Balikesir-Gonen
5. Retreat in Thermal in Bolu
6. Historical Thermal Pool in Bursa-Cekirge
7. Health in Nature in Bursa-Oylat
8. Thermal in Canakkale - Kestanbol
9. Thousand Years of Healing Method in Denizli-Pamukkale and Karahayit
10. Sakar Thermal Pool in Eskisehir
11. Thermal in Izmir-Balcova
12. Mud Bath in Izmir-Cesme
13. Ilgin Thermal Pool in Konya-Ilgin
14. Thermal Bath in Kutahya-Ilicakoy
15. Thermal Spa in Mugla-Sultaniye
16. Doctor Fishes in Sivas-Balikli (Yilanli) Cermik
17. Thermal pool in Yalova

Taking a dip in any of these thermal pools is definitely a must do by anyone who visits Turkey. A bath in these hot springs not only gives your body and health a natural boost but also lets you experience a little bit of Turkey's history.

One notable extraordinary thermal spa is the Doctor Fishes thermal pool in Sivas. The name itself makes one wonder why it was given such a moniker. It is because of the little fishes that swim right next to you and nibble at you when you take a bath in the thermal pool! The fishes gently remove dead skin thus making them an odd yet effective treatment for skin problems.

There are many options in Turkey to accommodate for spa from big cities through small village. There are many other tourist attractions surrounding these great thermal spas of Turkey. One can visit the local towns, cruise along the rivers, or maybe partake in the delicious Turkish food prepared by the locals themselves.